Humanity [PS5] Review

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I started playing Humanity after reading some positive impressions and wanting to ensure I didn’t miss its time on PlayStation Plus Extra. I just subscribed to the service and missed out on Stray because I thought it was going to stick around for longer than it did. The trailer featured an amusing style, Enhance Games were involved, and it featured a Shiba Inu which might be my favorite dog breed.  The conditions for a good time were present and if … Read More

LTTP: Returnal

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I liked Housemarque’s tight arcade gems like Super Stardust HD and Resogun, but Returnal gave me pause after seeing its hefty $89.99 asking price and the incongruent make up of the gameplay and aesthetics. I couldn’t reconcile the serious tone and visuals with the arcade style third person shooting mechanics. It wasn’t my jam at full price, but I kept hearing good things. I also heard they fixed some of its major criticisms (suspend cycle) and considering I was a … Read More

LTTP: Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales [PS5]

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I loved 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-man game by Insomniac Games; it was easily the best Spider-man game to date and one of my favorite games in recent memory. Having said that, I didn’t have the desire to jump in and revisit New York City in 2020’s Marvel’s Spider-man: Miles Morales. Sure I enjoyed Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse and the 2018 game, but after hearing how familiar it was to the first game by Insomniac, I felt the need to create more distance.  After … Read More

LTTP: Resident Evil 3 [PS5]

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Resident Evil 3 Remake felt like an expansion to Resident Evil 2 Remake which made the original $79.99 asking price a tough one to stomach. On its own, Resident Evil 3 Remake can be seen as “too short” and “too straightforward”, but I bought it for less than half the asking price and as a standalone expansion, it was fine. There wasn’t much exploration and its hook, Nemesis, was more of an ongoing gag than something to be feared. The … Read More

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