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Super Mario Galaxy: Tips, Tricks and Spoilers

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GameTrailers has an awesome little video of some of the hidden tips and tricks in Super Mario Galaxy. My favorite has got to be the Cosmic Mario Race turbo boost secret. If you care about the hidden surprises in Super Mario Galaxy, I would heed the video’s spoiler warning.

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  1. Forge
    | Reply

    I actually already knew all those tricks except for the homing butt stomp…still dont know how they do that

  2. Forge
    | Reply

    oh wait, i didnt know about the cosmic race boost, but i did know that if you hit Z, mario crouches down…i figured it was just a visual gimmick though..cool

  3. Robocrotch
    | Reply

    Forge is like : “You know, you can make Luigi /grabankles” fgt

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