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Street Fighter IV: New Pics and Info Analysis

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With the new January issue of EGM came a boatload of information regarding Street Fighter IV which can be found and summarized into this post from NeoGAF. Earlier today another collection of screenshots (courteousy of eNe3) were made available to the public. These screenshots are the exact same ones which were in the EGM article. After my initial shock and bewilderment caused by the unorthodox depictions of Ryu and Ken, I noticed two “obvious” gameplay features:

Dashing is in?

Ken Backward Dashing

Sure looks like the trademark animation of Ken performing his backward dash.

Air Blocking? Is it really in or really out?

Air block?

Looking at this screenshot it is quite suspect; Ryu appears to be performing a mid-air block. It has been said that this feature will not be making a return, but the leaked EGM screenshot (used in the EGM Street Fighter IV article) says otherwise. Which is right? Text or picture? Perhaps these screenshots were captured mid-animation and Ryu was actually performing a move of some kind? Or perhaps EGM was mistaken? Personally, I wish for it to remain in the game.

So that’s it dashing and the possibility of air blocking. I am still leery about Street Fighter IV’s appearance in still frames and these new screenshots did very little to alleviate my worries. Still hoping though. 

Thanks to eNe3 again for the pictures.

Comments? Corrections? Feel free to post them.

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  1. Jink
    | Reply

    That’s not an air-block, because air-block does not lean his body towards, that’s an Air-LowPunch, look at Ryu’s feet ad renember the frame-sprite from SF3.

    Pure StreetFighter gameplay does not use features like Air-block, if it did, it would be more like StreetFighter-Alpha and not StreetFighter itself.

  2. Jink
    | Reply

    And the 1st photo is Ken dashing out, and Ryu doin a “closed-range Fierce” (HighPunch).

  3. No_Style
    | Reply

    Thanks for pointing out the lean-in. I was questioning myself at the time of posting, but I can see it being a mid-air LP now.

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