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No_Style’s Checkpoint: X-Mas Edition

With Christmas holiday around the corner things for the site and the industry in general may slow down a bit. Fortunately, that leaves me with a lot of gaming time.

I am trying to go through Unreal Tournament III for the PS3’s single player, but I find it hard to sit down and actually go through it. I will detail the reason why later in my review which should appear sometime next week.  (Thursday at the earliest) On the side, I continue to trudge through Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for PSP. The game is asking a lot out of me. On the Nintendo DS, I finally got my hands on Picross DS. I am not going to try explaining what Picross is or how it works, because this website can do a better job of explaining it. It is a real gem and I must thank GAF for constantly bringing it up.

As per usual I watched this week’s 1UP Show which featured Aquaria, Gran Turismo 5: Prologue and No More Heroes. The GT5:P discussion was lame to say the least. They should have had Garnett Lee involved for that segment. I actually tried Aquaria and I will take the time to do a small write up of my impressions later. If you are curious, download the demo for yourselves.

This past week’s worth of 1UP podcasts were pretty solid as well. Notable ones were:

  • Retronauts – A new one after so long. Parish, Li, Greg Ford and Ryan Scott discussed Street Fighter’s past and future. I had no idea Ryan Scott was a 2-D fighter fan.
  • GFW Radio aka 97.5 The Brodeo – Episodes like this one elevate GFW Radio above 1UP Yours. The fact that they actually discussed Super Mario Galaxy’s awesomeness and the Wii on a PC oriented podcast with a sense of professionalism was great. Boo @ Darren Gladstone leaving though.
  • 1UP Yours – Available now, but I haven’t listened to it yet. I’m sure it will be 2 hours and 30 minutes worth of entertainment though.

OCRemix posted two Marathon remixes today as well. The Forerunner Mix Alpha and Beta. I enjoy Beta more, but both are worth a listen.

So aside from UT3, the occassional COD4, the handheld distractions and writing up stuff from the site, I will be spending time scouring for Boxing Day deals. I will also continue post my notable deals on this post here. If you “gangstas” find any steals post a comment.

What about everyone else?

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