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NeoGAF Presents: G.A.M.E. – An Electronic Music Compilation

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I have posted about them before, and mentioned them several times throughout my various postings on this site and on my personal blog. Of course, I am speaking about remixes and user created musical compositions. Be it OC Remix or other works such as G.A.M.E., I always give them a listen.

G.A.M.E. (Gaming Age Musica Electronia) is a remix project which comes from the NeoGAF forum and its talented members. It is primarily comprised of electronic mixes “ranging from chiptunes to IDM to trance to experimental and everything in between” and all of it was inspired by videogames. Truly awesome stuff for fans of the genre. I have not given the entire playlist a listen through yet, but from what I have heard so far, it is superb. My personal favourite so far? M0dus – One Life Left. (Set it on repeat a few times already.)

If you have any remote interest in this type of music, I highly recommend giving G.A.M.E. a try. Download links and the playlist are as follows:

Outrunnin’ by Fusebox
1AM by Karma Kramer
Frrozzen Echoes by SD-Zeta
BAWS BATTL by monchi-kun
dallas and son by iced lightning
Smoke Them Children by Plastic Handgun
Little Lambs by RSTEIN
Scotch Crackle by Karma Kramer
Evilore by RSTEIN
The Future… by Relaxor
Caturday by Animal
The Prince Returns to His Castle High in the Sky by alistairw
Mod Power Abuse (bishoptl’s theme) by Timedog
Breathe (Instrumental) by Alaria
Moonless Dawn by LiveFromKyoto
L.N. Cafe by Teknopathic
Stage Run by X5z
Destroy the Core by Pixelated
Nosebleed by DopeyFish
One Life Left by m0dus
Tr4nce presents Kings of the Sky – Nebula by Tr4nce
Ikadius by Albino Samurai
Stolen Gamecube by Trip Warhawkins
Reflex Cannon by Mr. Nash
Fight For Freedom by FightyF

Download Link(s):

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