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CES 2008 Day 4 Highlights


Robots. Will they serve us or will we serve them? I am not sure about the future, but judging by today’s Mahalo Daily, they are serving us today in a very unimpressive fashion.

More high definition format war “news” today. HBO reassured the public that they are going Blu-ray. (Band of Brothers in HD, please!) Paramount is staying on the HD DVD course despite reports. What about Universal Studios? Universal Studios is being hush hush about their future. As for Microsoft? They could support Blu-ray or not.

I am a fan of Dell’s LCD line for their versatility, quality and price. In fact, I have two 20″ monitors from them, but I would gladly get rid of both of them for one of these 30″ Dell 3008WFP LCD monitors. Sexy. However, I would gladly trade in two Dell 3008WFP monitors for just one Samsung 31″ OLED display. Is there anything that can top that? Yes. 82 inches of Quad HD LCD goodness and NEC’s own curved display.

What happens when you combine a high definition display and a robot? You get this:


Check out more pictures from CNET’s CES 08 Slideshow.

Enough about displays, let’s talk waterproof phones and CNET’s Best of CES (in the cell phones and smartphones category), the Motorola Rokr E8. I like it, but text or pictures does not do it justice; watch the video.


As for gaming highlights? How about Star Wars characters in Soul Calibur IV? Sure why not? They did exclusive characters before (ie: Link in SC2 for GC) Vader will be on the PS3 version and Yoda on the XBOX 360. Hey their colors match! Vader would be my choice. $5 says the other character will be available for downloadable content sometime post release though. Check 1UP for more screenshots and other info. Trailer below:

[gametrailers 29535]

That’s it for my Day 4 highlights.

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