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No_Style’s Checkpoint: TwonkyMedia Edition

twonky.jpegTwonkyMedia is a DLNA server, which supports a vast array of platforms including the HP MediaVault 2020 I raved on about last year when the PS3 firmware 2.10 was released. Well, I was very impressed with the 2020’s performance, the DLNA server would regularly choke up and spit out unsightly error messages about losing connection with the media server. Who was to blame? I believe it was the Syabas media server which the 2020 came with. Using this trusty guide, I was able to install TwonkyMedia 4.4.4 RC1onto the 2020 and use it instead. So far it’s been grand with not a single drop out. I’ll be using it regularly via remote play or natively through the PS3.

The application costs $40 USD and I will probably purchase it once the 30 day trial period expires. (The upcoming HP MediaSmart series will be using it as well.) Probably going to use that $40 I sold Mass Effect for to finance this. Yes, I sold Mass Effect and to our webmaster, Robocrotch, no less. Why did I sell it? Read the long ass review for the answers. I guess I could also save money and just live with copying the media onto the PS3’s hard drive and play it afterwards, but that requires patience.

Oh, by the way, my replacement for Pirates of the Caribbean : Curse of the Black Pearl Blu-ray replacement is on its way according to the response I received from Disney support last week. On the topic of Blu-rays, a slew of them arrived including Spider-man Trilogy, Ice Age – The Meltdown and National Geographic: Relentless Enemies. I haven’t watched The Simpsons Movie yet, so I have a lot of catching up to do. 

This week was a podcast jamboree. I listened to EGM Live! and their much improved format. Thursday was full of win consisting of GFW Radio, Kojima Productions Report #75 and a new episode of the Full Moon Show. The KP report had some awesome news such as Mark MacDonald (former 1UP) working on MGS4 localization and the reveal of 3 Metal Gear games which Ryan could not get into. Insomniac’s Full Moon Show featured some Resistance 2 talk; clarifying some information from that GameInformer article. GFW Radio was just awesome as always.

Tonight? 1UP Yours and 1UP Show as they appear.

This weekend was automatically cut in half thanks to work, but I won’t let that dampen things gaming wise. Odin Sphere has been receiving a lot more play time since Mass Effect’s completion and the same goes for Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

With regards to the site’s expansion, I came up with a rather ambitious idea which I wish to present to the rest of the QSF5 team. It’s ambitious and it will require a lot of work by our webmaster, but I believe it will be extremely useful to a lot of people. Hopefully, I will get to talk more about it later.

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