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Not “If”, but “When”: PS3 and 360 for $299

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Rumors on the net are claiming that the XBOX 360 and the PLAYSTATION 3 will be $299 sometime within the first half of this year. While the XBOX 360 already has a SKU lower than $299 USD, this particular rumor was aimed at squarely on the only SKU people should care about: the Premium. The price cut is supposed to come just in time for Grand Theft Auto IV’s launch. It’s a smart move which will certainly grab headlines and sales, but until Microsoft actions such a move, I would not hold my breath.

As for the PS3’s $299 price cut, it may actually come as early as January 28th, 2008. Some posters from Slickdeals.net (via CAG) were claiming to have heard rumors about a $100 price drop for the 40 GB PS3. I see no reason for a price drop unless either A) January 28th is the day HD-DVD officially folds up or B) Sony feels like being nice since they’re PS3s cost only $400 to manufacture now. I doubt it’s either of them.

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