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No One Cares: Haze Delayed Again

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Surprise. Ubisoft published and Free Radical developed Haze was delayed again. Unfortunately for Haze, I don’t care about it anymore. When I first saw the game footage from Ubidays 07, I was interested with the double edge drug use mechanic and intrigued by how the multiplayer would work. Now? It’s all, but fallen off my radar since it’s much touted 4 player co-op feature has been implemented by the likes of Halo 3.

Frankly, I’m tired of hearing about the game’s exclusivity status and the number of delays it may or may not receive. You know what they should do? Ubisoft should just keep a its mouth shut about the game and have Free Radical release it in the slow summer months — regardless of its state. Perhaps then people will pick it up out of boredom and Free Radical can finally work on a game people may have interest in: Time Splitters 4.

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