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TF2 Changes Include New Medic Abilities

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We’ve been hearing about it for awhile now, but we finally have some “concrete” details on the upcoming Team Fortress 2 changes. It looks like the most significant changes include two new maps, a new gametype and medic class changes:

“The first Medic unlock, for example, is called the Overhealer. Instead of temporarily buffing people’s health to 50% above their normal maximum, it permanently boosts them to double their standard health. The downside is that it’ll be dramatically worse at building Ubercharge – in fact, Valve are toying with not letting it Uber at all.”

You can checkout the PC Gamer Blog for the full details.

The “character class unlockables” idea is an interesting one which would give Team Fortress 2 regular shots in the arm as the unlocks roll out, but I wonder how these changes will impact the overall balance of the game as they are released. I also wonder if these changes will “over complicate” the game or give it rewarding depth.

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