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80 GB PS3s to be Discontinued?

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BestBuy says yes. According an apparent leak of information, the PLAYSTATION 3 80 GB SKU is going the way of the dodo. With no visible replacement any time soon, it looks like consumers will not have the choice of a PS2 backwards compatible PS3 to choose from once stock is gone from the retail channels. That is, if Sony does not announce some form of PS2 software emulation solution for the 40 GB SKU.

Is this a huge loss? For some, yes. If you care about having four USB ports, the media card reader and PS2 backwards compatibility; your time to pick up a PS3 could be rapidly approaching. On the bright side, if this discontinuation turns out to be true and SCEA does not announce a new replacement SKU, they can finally get rid of the multi-SKU strategy and the consumer confusion which comes with it. The only thing consumers may have to worry about is which color to choose from: white or black?

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