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New PS3 SKU On Its Way?

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Remember the report about the 80 GB PS3s being discontinued? Remember when no replacement was in sight? Well apparently, there may be a replacement to fill the void of the 80 GB SKU. The new SKU will apparently have a storage capacity between 120 GB and 160 GB. Will this be confusing for consumers? Yes. Especially if 80 GB SKUs are still on store shelves. On the bright side, it looks like the new SKU will be introduced at the same price point of $499 — get more value for your money. The pack in with a Dual Shock 3 would be icing on the cake if this whole thing turns out to be true.

Personally, I wish Sony would abandon its dual-SKU strategy and stop screwing over early adopters slightly with these refreshes; new bundles are fine, but don’t change the hard drive size. Why not just wait til you can purchase the 500 GB SKU?

Thanks, ArsTechnica.

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