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GT5: Prologue Coming April 17th

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Courteousy of GamerSydeOn April 17th, 2008, North American PS3 owners will finally be able to pay $39.99 USD for their very own copy of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue. I know there are some hardcore Gran Turismo fans out there, but $40 for what is essentially a “glorified” demo is a bit too much.  I believe GT5: Prologue is coming out 4 months too late and $10 too expensive — I’m opting out.

I have tried the PSN demo (of a demo) from the Japanese PSN Store and I came away very impressed. It definitely has the potential of being a fantastic instalment in the Gran Turismo series. I just hope they squeeze in some car damage and amped up artificial intelligence into the final product.

Thanks to GamerSyde for the screenshot and many more screenshots which can be found here.

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