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New Battlefield: Heroes Screenshots and Info

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While perusing NeoGAF, a straight forward thread title caught my eye: “Battlefield: Heroes Screenshots“. I was quite fascinated with the idea and Team Fortress 2-esque art style. I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked the thread, but it was certainly not this:

Battlefield: Heroes Screen Capture bfh_screencap2.jpeg

bfh_screencap3.jpeg bfh_screencap4.jpeg

Definitely not what I envisioned, but I’m not counting it out yet. I have to see it in motion first! There was also some re-iteration of info to accompany these screenshots which Quellex summed up in his post:

General Information:
2 Armies: National Army vs. Royal Army, All stereotypes used for comic look
At release, 2-3 maps with more rolled out in updates
Pick one character and you level him up through the game.
Maps do not have insertion points, and the game chooses where to put you on the battlefield, although maps are a lot smaller than regular Battlefield maps.
Known Weapons: Sticky Bombs, Rocket Launcher
Taunts and death-freeze-cam included
3rd person rather than 1st person. Update: 1st person as well according to this. French gaming site, No Frag is reporting that Battlefield Heroes will not only be 3rd person, but 1st person as well depending on the “phase”.
Vehicles in the game unlike Team Fortress 2
Historical war setting
Much simpler than Team Fortress 2

Modified Conquest Mode:
At the start of each round each team has 2 flags and 100 tickets
Killing enemies reduce tickets, but if you hold more flags then your enemy you receive a multiplier giving you more tickets.
You can win even by killing less enemies and owning more flags
Killing enemies is less important than capturing and holding flags

Observed vehicles: Spitfire, M4 Sherman, PzKfzIV
The character size relative to the vehicle differs quite a bit. Comparable to “an adult on a bobby car”.
Planes have no bombs, used mainly for dogfights

“I Eat Grenades” Ability – Throw back 7 grenades at once
Life-Points Boost
Inflammable Ammo
New abilities at level up
Each solider class has this
Sort of like spells (not like fireballs)

Achievement System:
Mission system – choose a badge you want to get and go out on a mission to get that badge
You can get new weapons
As you play the game you get experience points
As your level increases you get access to better clothing items etc

Advertising on the website, press button on website to play, website has stats
In-game menus have advertising
They expect 95% of people never to buy items
Selling convenience items
Example of an item being sold: item ups the multiplayer on your score for increased experience points

Match Making:
Play with level equal players, but not 1:1 Ex: Level 2s could play on a level 1 server. Rule seems to be “level X ±”
New players separated from hardcore players
Levels as high as 40 or 50

Thanks go out to NeoGAF’s Quellex, BF-Games.net and Planet Battlefield.

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