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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Super Bowl XLII Edition

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sbxliilogo.JPGFirst, I would like to address the lack of Devil May Cry 4 enthusiasm from the rest of the QSF5 crew. Lack of Rez HD enthusiasm I can forgive, since the game was relatively “niche”, but the lack of DMC4 love? Bullocks. Fortunately, this week’s 1UP Show will help me convey my excitement for both Rez HD and DMC4. (There’s also an interesting segment about Endless Ocean.) I implore you bastards watch it.

So Rez HD was released on XBLA this past Wednesday for 800 MS Points and I absolutely loved the demo. The Sega Dreamcast version was awesome, but having Rez in glorious high definition actually makes a huge difference.

Peculiarly, I did not purchase the full game yet. I have the MS points (thanks to the freebies), but the possibility of it coming to PSN somewhat deterred me. (I would like to keep all my downloadable games on one system, if possible) So for the moment, I’m stuck in this weird limbo about purchasing it from the Marketplace. I also entered the Rez HD giveaway contest (after registering on the site) and thus I am also delaying the purchase in hopes that I will score a free copy. We’ll see if I can hold off by the end of next week.

I probably should not be purchasing any games for the next little while since my pile of shame has been increasing with each passing month– especially for the Wii. I’m nearing the end of Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the PSP and working my way through Odin Sphere. I want to get back into Wipeout Pulse as well.

I also started reading a book by Dean Takahashi called “The Xbox 360 Uncloaked“. Being the technophile that I am; I am reading it via Bookr on my PSP. I’m not far into the book, but it’s been an interesting read for me nonetheless. If you have a facination with the the gaming industry and how gaming, technology and business decisions affect the birth of a console, I would highly recommend this book to you. Still cannot believe I am reading a book.

Listened to the Kojima Report 77 yesterday and I was surprised to hear that the U.S. will be receiving Metal Gear Solid for cellphones. It looks damn impressive for a cell phone game.

SteamWorks was announced earlier this week and while I never got a chance to discuss the importance of this through a news article, I do feel that it’s a step in the right direction for PC gaming. GFWRadio and 1UP Yours (without the newly announced 4th chair, Shawn Elliot) talked up the “PC gaming saving” platform. Well worth the listen. There was also a small tidbit of Lost Odyssey impressions from Shane which were not overly positive, but he did say he was just 3 hours in.

Well, that pretty much wraps it up. My Saturday is being chewed up by work, but hopefully the new cable box will arrive by the time I get home. Oh, and go Patriots.

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