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ageianvidia.jpgAGEIA made a name for itself with the introduction of their PhysX software and hardware solutions. The PhysX SDK is available for a wide variety of platforms including the XBOX 360, Wii, PlayStation 3 and the PC. While their hardware solutions have been less than stellar, their SDK have garnered some attention by the likes of Epic Games and their Unreal 3.0 Engine.

Well, it now appears that NVIDIA have deemed them worthy enough for purchase. A press release earlier today announced that NVIDIA are going to “bring amazing physics dynamics to millions of gamers” through the acquisition of AGEIA. Does this mean we are going to see PhysX physics processing units (PPU) along side the upcoming GeForce video cards? I have no idea. One thing for certain though: this is the best thing to happen to AGEIA since their inception.

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