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Answering Questions: LCD vs Plasma

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While it’s true that LCDs have become very popular with the high number of LCD announcements, it is still a technology worth going after if you have no qualms with power consumption. Hey, it’s all about the picture quality, right? Well according to CNet Australia’s informative article and video, plasmas still edge out LCDs with their overall color accuracy. Sure, they aren’t pixel perfect, but hey: you can’t win them all. Well, OLED displays can, but they have have a long way to go before becoming mainstream affordable.

My most recent purchase was an LCD display, but that was due to personal emphasis on power consumption, cost and attention to pixel perfect displays. Taking a quick look around, I see the Pioneer PDP-5080 is amongst the best displays out there. It also has 4 HDMI ports — which is the most I have ever seen on a display.

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