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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Chinese New Year Edition

chinesenewyear.jpgMy regular work week was shortened in honor of Chinese New Year. (Happy Chinese New Year to the asian audience.)

I haven’t played many grandiose games this week. Devil May Cry 4 is still with FutureShop and I have no idea when it’ll be arriving. I’m still trudging through Odin Sphere, but I’m so glad I’m not playing this game exclusively; it would have made me numb. I wrapped up my Wipeout: Pulse review which should be online this coming Tuesday for the game’s U.S. release.

I also downloaded PixelJunk Monsters after so much recommendation from NeoGAF and 1UP Show two week’s ago. At first I thought it was just a glorified tower defense flash game which I could play online for free, but it’s not. For some odd reason, I thought the game was well worth the $8.99 asking price. Something about sitting on my couch and relaxing to a well polished tower defense game was very appealing. I’m not completely sold on the visual style, though. It works, but I’m not entirely in love with it. On this note, I guess I will be delaying Rez HD download.

I’m torn with Lost Odyssey and this week’s 1UP Show isn’t helping it. Mass Effect took a lot out of me with regards with patience and tolerance. At this point in time, I don’t want to put up with technical issues, load times or reading pages of text in a game. It also doesn’t help that this game shamelessly rips off Final Fantasy.

That’s all from for now. Anyone else have interesting weekend plans?

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    Don’t want to rub it in, but I’ve rented DMC4 and liking it. Since it’s my first experience with a DMC game, I’m playing it in human mode and I’m almost done.

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