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COD4 Patch On Live! Soon

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While Call of Duty 4 is indeed one of the best games of 2007, it does have its fair shares of online multiplayer quirks and foibles.

Fortunately, Infinity Ward’s community manager, Fourtwozero, gave us a bit of a head’s up (registration required) concerning the upcoming XBOX 360 and PS3 patches. The XBOX 360 patch was recently sent to Microsoft for certification and should be hitting XBOX Live! sometime in the near future. As for the PS3 version, it is still undergoing testing, but should be sent to Sony for certification shortly.

Here’s a the short version of what’s to be expected:

  • New Kill Cams – Added new Kill Cams for everything.
  • Host Migration – Now you won’t have to be dropped back by yourself when a host leaves. Instead, everyone will stay together, a new host will be assigned, and the game will auto-start back up.
  • Improved Sniper / ACOG Accuracy – Sniper and ACOG scopes have been tweaked and are really improved.
  • Upgraded Spectator Cam – Now when you’re in spectator mode you can follow them in 3rd person, switch to their first person view, or rotate the camera in a full 360 degrees around whoever you’re watching.
  • Quick Mute Option – Users will now be able to quick mute players on the fly by pulling up the scoreboard in-game or via the lobby by simply going to their name and hitting the mute assigned button.

“Host migration” isn’t the same as Call of Duty 3’s implementation, but at least it’s better than nothing.

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