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No_Style’s Checkpoint: The Critic Edition

jaysherman.jpgSo I have been fawning over The Critic for the past week. It was definitely ahead of its time; using comedy delivery styles Family Guy would later use. Jon Lovitz did an excellent job with Jay Sherman. I highly recommend it for fans of The Simpsons or American Dad.

I tried the Patapon demo earlier this week. Loved it and looking forward to the retail version. Also, Super Smash Brothers Brawl will be previewed this weekend by yours truly.

I will try to finish Odin Sphere this weekend. I have also been playing a lot of PixelJunk Monsters daily with co-operative play with my brother. Will probably continue to do that. There will be plenty of AudioSurfing as well.

I took some time to try out the new map “cp_badlands” in Team Fortress 2. It was a lot of fun. with a great deal of vertical gameplay. It’s also deceptively complicated. Great job, Valve.

Also, where’s my Devil May Cry 4, FutureShop?!

Anyways, I’m exhausted today. Cutting it short.

Update: Brawl not working due to possible dusty lense?

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