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PixelJunk Eden and PixelJunk Dungeons Revealed

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The developers over at Q-Games have a series of games for the PSN dubbed PixelJunk. Not the most welcoming name, but nonetheless the games under that brand are beginning to rub off on me. PixelJunk Monsters is awesome. So awesome that anything PixelJunk related (aside from the unappealing Racers title) grabs my attention.

The latest PixelJunk news comes courteousy of GamaSutra in the form of two new titles dubbed Eden and Dungeons.

Eden is “a spectacularly abstract physics-based game where you collect pollen and birth flowers as a small blob – with plenty of primary colors and combo effects.” While Dungeons is going to be ” a top-down dungeon crawler, showcasing some potential visual styles for the upcoming post-Eden title”.

In addition, series 2 of PixelJunk will feature “unique ways of using 3D in games”. That’s going to be quite interesting.

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