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HD DVD Death Fallout

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It’s been over for 12 hours now, but the news keeps rolling in after Toshiba pulled the plug on its ailing format.

While Toshiba may not be adopting Blu-ray “at the moment“, early naive/misinformed/idiotic consumers can find solice in the fact that their HD DVD collection could be viewed on upcoming combo players from LG who have taken it upon themselves to continue HD DVD support. That’s really nice of them. I mean, just because the format’s dead; it doesn’t mean that existing HD DVDs cease to function.

As for you fence sitters, may I recommend the PlayStation 3 as a Blu-ray player? Cnet says it’s a solid choice. Don’t believe they’re credible enough? Why not believe Sound and Vision Magazine then. Whatever you do, be sure to put Planet Earth on your list of Blu-rays to watch.

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