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No_Style’s Checkpoint: GDC 2008 Edition

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Did you people like all the Game Developer Conference’s stuff I posted? I thought there were plenty of interesting bits of news from this year’s GDC. The keyword is ‘bits’ since nothing huge and/or surprising was revealed. The best of GDC was in listening to all the developers talk about their games, the industry and just shootin’ the shit. 1UP’s coverage of this year’s GDC was immaculate. The podcast discussions were both very informative and entertaining. It’s just something you cannot do via an formal interview. Well done, 1UP.

Personal highlights from this year’s GDC were as follows:

  • Fable 2 demonstrations – Finally more details and footage from the game.
  • PCGA announcement – Hopefully it’ll benefit the PC platform greatly.
  • The slew of small games announcements like Fez, PixelJunk Eden, The Dishwasher and Bionic Commando
  • Confirmation of key XBOX 360 titles for 2008

I’ve been spending time with two portable games: Patapon and Professor Layton and The Curious Village. I still cannot get back into Odin Sphere and will probably sell it sooner rather than later. I wonder how much I could get for it. I will try to get back into it this weekend, but if I can’t: onto the auction block. Devil May Cry 4 is here, but I have not found the time to get into it yet.

If there’s one game I have been playing daily, it would most definitely be PixelJunk Monsters. It’s probably the downloadable game that I’ve invested the most time to. There’s an expansion coming and I will probably spend the dollars for that as well. Sucks that I have absolutely no one (aside from my brother) whom I can discuss this game with, but what can I do? Most of them don’t even care for downloadable games.

I’ve been trying to convince our webmaster, Robocrotch, to pick up Lost Odyssey which was released 10 days ago, but if I succeed: our site would never receive needed updates I’ve been harping about.

This weekend, I’m hoping to get an ‘About Us’ page up along with a small write up or two. One will probably address this question: How has RROD and other hardware problems affected X360 owners’ opinions of X360? Other than that, there will be the usual gaming and whatnots.

P.S – I do not believe I mentioned this, but I finally installed the second 500 GB hard drive for my HP MediaVault 2020. It works like a charm in RAID 1 and I could not be happier. Oh, and hurray for Blu-ray.

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