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Some Nintendo Games Will Be Pay to Play?

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nintendowifilogo.jpgSurprise! Nintendo wants more money. Nintendo announced at GDC that certain future titles will be pay to play online. Details are very scarce at the moment. I have no idea which titles will be employing this service or how much it will cost. Nintendo did state that this new Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Pay And Play service will be clearly marked on Nintendo Wii game boxes in order to warn users. How nice of them.

There better be huge improvements to Nintendo’s online capabilities if they have the intention of charging for online. Some are speculating that this is a precursor to something big like an Animal Crossing MMO or, better yet, a Pokemon MMO. Other than MMOs though; I do not see how anything online on the Wii could justify a fee.

I don’t even pay for XBOX Live! and it is significantly more robust than Nintendo’s current offerings. We’ll just have to wait and see what Nintendo has in store for us all.

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