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Battlefield: Bad Company Media

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BattleField 2 was one of those PC games which gave me hours upon hours of fun. It was my first BattleField game and while I didn’t pick up the spin-off, BattleField 2142, I still keep an eye on the franchise.

D.I.C.E actually has two projects on the go with Battlefield: Heroes (PC) and Battlefield: Bad Company (PS3, XBOX 360). Today, GameTrailers threw up a few videos with some in-game footage and an interview describing this console Battlefield iteration.

[gametrailers 31245]

[gametrailers 31247] 

There was some intense tearing in that gameplay video, but otherwise it looked solid. I cannot say that I’m captivated by it, but I don’t hate it. The following interview also fails to woo me over.

[gametrailers 31252]


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