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No_Style’s Checkpoint – PlayStation Week Edition

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playstationlogo.jpgThis week has been quite the week for the PlayStation camp. There was lots of news this week from Phil leaving Sony to release dates for major titles. Overall, it’s been positive news, though. Sony have clearly laid out their next 2 – 4 months with solid releases for both the PSP and the PS3; I’m personally stoked for Metal Gear Solid 4.

Before I drone on about all things PlayStation, check out the right hand side. Notice the minor changes? One of the changes I would like to highlight is the list of sites, podcasts and shows which I thought everyone should be aware of. These “Web Faves” are open to the rest of the QSF5 team, so let me know if you have suggestions to add. To be honest, I threw those links there so I can refer to the podcasts without having to link to them every single Friday for my Checkpoint post. By the end of Sunday, there should be a larger update to the site which I am hoping will shed off the gaudier elements of the blog’s template.

If you’re wondering why the word “should” is bold, it’s because I’m holding our webmaster’s brand new PSP slim hostage until he updates our site. Well, technically, I’m withholding its the custom firmware abilities until the god damn site gets updated. Shit, if I’m going to be the one primary content contributor at least give me a site which I feel comfortable showing publicly. No ill intentions, it’s just easier to convince one person to update the site than three others to contribute regularly. In the end, when it is updated — I’d be incredibly grateful for the menial tasks performed.

Back on track here. What made this week “PlayStation Week” was the icing on the cake where our own webmaster, Robocrotch, Mr. “Vocal Anti-Sony Extraordinaire” caved and purchased a black PSP Slim for a $20 game: Patapon. I won’t get into the details of Patapon since I have a review of it coming by the end of Monday, but it could be said that Patapon is so good, it sells hardware. Oh, and yes, he did purchase Patapon and he will probably be purchasing plenty of other quality PSP titles. Hopefully. We all know what custom firmwares can do.

Kids, support the developers and buy the ones that deserve your money. We don’t want to hear more developers bitching out about piracy.

Speaking of getting new games, I traded my copy of Odin Sphere (review pending) for Zelda: Twilight Princess via CheapAssGamer. No idea when I’ll find the time to play it, but at least I got rid of that tedious Odin Sphere. Next week, God of War: Chains of Olympus is coming out! I just confirmed the release date to be March 4th! Exclamation!

Well, that’s enough for now. I’m going to play more Patapon and Professor Layton now. As for the weekend, I’m going to squeeze in some DMC4 and SSBB, hopefully. Oh, I guess I’ll be unlocking a PSP and putting on custom firmware after QSF5 is updated. (Kisses, Robocrotch.)

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  1. Robocrotch
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    I miss Patapon already.

  2. No_Style
    | Reply

    Oh, snap it’s pretty.

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