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Valve Wants Free Maps For Consoles

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It’s nice to want things for free. I’m certain TF2 console owners wouldn’t reject the notion of receiving maps for free, but Microsoft (and possibly Sony) on the other hand may not be so generous. Valve wants to give console owners Badlands and the upcoming Goldrush map/mode for free, however the concept of giving things for free is something Microsoft wishes to discourage; it’s a source of revenue after all.

Valve told EuroGamer they “have some say” in how they wish to distribute the downloadable content, but not complete control. Perhaps, we’ll see a “Gears of War” like treatment where the first map pack would be free thanks to some sponsor.

It doesn’t bother me, though. I never buy map packs since they splinter the player base and I bought The Orange Box for it’s original platform, the PC.

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