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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Snow, Snow, Snow

Snowflake courteousy of Space Science and Engineering CenterIt’s been ridiculous this past week. Over 30 cm of snow fell and we’re getting more this weekend. I’m hoping this is nature’s final push before the beginning of spring. I’m rather tired after spending an afternoon sliding down dinky hills on oversized rubber donuts so this entry will be kept rather short.

This weekend will consist of Devil May Cry 4 and finishing off my Odin Sphere review. I want to get the Odin Sphere review done so I can draw parallels between it and Devil May Cry 4. On the side, I hope to work in more Professor Layton puzzle solving, Patapon and Smash Brothers Brawl (Japanese).

Well, that’s about it. I’m going to watch the 1UP Show and then listen to the last 1UP Yours podcast with Bryan Intihar. The dude is going to Insomniac Games as their community manager. That’s pretty bad ass.

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