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Dual Shock 3 Impressions

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I don’t believe I mentioned it before, but I did place an order for a black Dual Shock 3 from Japan. This was about a week or so before the Dual Shock 3 announcement. Fortunately, it only cost me $54.99 USD flat. No taxes, no custom fees or even shipping. Funny how it was cheaper to import the controller than to wait and purchase it from a store here. I may actually order another one since the deal is so great. That would make it my second import item, ever. (Excluding eBay purchases)

Well enough about how much it costs. How does the controller feel? Its looks and button layout are unchanged from to the SIXAXIS, but it is significantly heavier — which could very well be a good thing. Some say the SIXAXIS is too light and even a tad too flimsy. When squeezing or twisting the SIXAXIS, you can hear the squeaking of plastic. Not with the Dual Shock 3 though; the build quality is excellent.

The most significant change with the Dual Shock 3 would have to be rumble’s triumphant return after the Sony vs Immersion fiasco. I only tried one game with rumble enabled and I liked the feel of it. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but for some odd reason, Super Stardust HD’s rumble implementation felt exceptional with the Dual Shock 3. It added quite a bit of feedback to the experience. A majority of the time, I would disable rumble since it was more of a nuisance, but games such as Super Stardust HD validates its return.

Anyways, below you will find three photos I took of the two controllers. Not very exciting.


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