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PC Platform’s Poor Health Not Entirely Piracy’s Fault?

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pirateflag.jpgThe PC platform’s current status has come under fire from all over. A lot of the blame is towards piracy, but is it entirely piracy’s fault that quality games are not selling well? It’s a contributor, but definitely not the sole reason why the platform is ailing. There are definitely other factors as outlined here.

It’s a well written and well thought out post from one of the folks from Stardock, publisher of games such as Galactic Civilization 2 and Sins of a Solar Empire. So why are PC games failing to sell? How do developers get their games to sell? This person made many excellent points, but I thought the most important three reasons for successful PC games were as follows:

“First, they’re good games which is a pre-requisite. But there’s lots of great games that don’t sell well.

The other two reasons are:

Our games work on a very wide variety of hardware configurations.
Our games target genres with the largest customer bases per cost to produce for.”

Guess who else employs this mantra?

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