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Capcom Digital Day Blowout

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capcomlogo.jpgA few days ago, the gaming press were invited to “Capcom’s Digital Day”, an event Capcom cooked up to promote, reveal and show off their latest and upcoming digital offerings. Most, if not all, the games shown there will be available through digital distribution only.

I touched on a few items yesterday such as the 1942 remake, Commandos 3 and SSF2T:HDR, but today we were treated with a lot more tidbits including media, info and clarifications.

First, let’s talk about my personal highlight of the event, SSF2T:HDR. We finally have some official gameplay videos! I’m very impressed with the HD translation. The GUI looks like it needs more pizazz, but they have until Fall 2008 to polish up the game. It’s also needs to be noted that this game will come with the original sprites for the purists. This game is shaping up to be the game every Street Fighter 2 fan will be happy with. They thought of nearly everything. They are even including original tracks and fan remixes like those from “Blood on the Asphalt“, an awesome remix collection by the OC Remix community. Oh, if you’re worried about the XBLA 150MB limit hindering SSF2T:HDR: don’t. Microsoft isn’t restricting Capcom for SSF2T:HDR nor Bionic Commando.

Next, let’s take a look at Commando 3. It’s a sequel to the CPS1 game Mercs also known as Commando 2. Mercs was about two badass dudes ripping through enemies with no regrets. The top-down shooter was obviously inspired by the likes of Rambo, but I cannot say the same about Commando 3; it looks too ‘cartoony’. Judge for yourselves through these gameplay videos. It doesn’t pique my interest in the slightest which is probably why they’re bundling the SSF2T:HDR beta with it.

Finally, there’s 1942: Joint Strike. I raved about it yesterday, so I won’t get into it too much. I’d like to draw attention to the interview and gameplay videos if you are looking for more info.

Oh, and there’s a new gameplay video showing the top-down view in Bionic Commando Rearmed.

That’s it. There was also stuff about Lost Planet: Colonies, but I could care less about it. I look forward to just about everything else Capcom showed off, though. Some seriously awesome stuff.

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