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Six Cores Is Better Than Four

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intelcore2quad.jpgI recall the days of single core to dual-core transition. I hopped onto the bandwagon rather early because I saw and experienced the benefits first hand through the multi-threaded nature Hyper Threaded Pentium 4’s.

Dual-core is awesome and benefitial, but what about quad-core? Great for encoding, but overkill for a desktop. Most single applications have yet to fully utilize dual-cores. Even if you are running multiple CPU intensive tasks, dual-cores should suffice. That is, unless you insist on encoding 2 movies at the same time while playing World of Warcraft.

So why is Intel bringing a six core processor in the second half of 2008? For servers and those who multitask with the power of 3 persons of course. Just because we don’t need six cores, doesn’t mean Intel should stop pushing the boundaries.

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