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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Quad Day Weekend Edition

It’s a long weekend. A four day long weekend. We (four out of the five QSF5 crew) started the weekend early with our Smash get together. It was good, but we got smashed too quickly to play some serious Smash. We definitely need to do it again with less alcohol though.

I’m actually sitting here relaxing/recovering with podcasts. I didn’t listen to any of them this week; it’s been a busy week.

What to do this weekend? Smash Bros? Given. Going to wrap up the God of War: Chains of Olympus review and probably start Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. I’m dropping down a few hours of Call of Duty 4 as well. I’m quite terrible these days.

I’m going to keep this short since I want to play some more Smash.

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