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New PSN Store Coming Mid-April (Now with Images!)

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There’s no way to sugar coat it: the current PSN Store smells. It’s web-based, clunky and looks a lot shoddier than Wii Shop Channel or the XBOX Live! Marketplace. Well, I’m very pleased to see that Sony will be addressing this issue with their upcoming revamp of the PSN Store which will go live in mid-April. It’s look very slick.

This new store looks like it will require a firmware update since it will no longer use the web browser. Aside from this and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, I wonder what else will arrive with it because two week’s worth of PSN content will be withheld for this update.

More screenshots below courteousy of EuroGamer:

psn_store_2.jpg psn_store_3.jpg psn_store_4.jpg

Let’s hope they reduce the number of confirmations as well. (It’s not as bad as it seems.)

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