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Creative vs The People Fiasco

I read about this a few days ago, but I wanted to see how it would pan out before commenting. Well, it didn’t pan out very well.

Legally, custom Windows Vista driver creator, Daniel_K, is wrong for modifying Creative’s SoundBlaster Audigy Vista drivers. I applaud the fellow, though. He helped plenty of disgruntled Creative consumers by restoring features lost in the Windows XP to Vista transition. He essentially helped them overcome Creative’s Vista driver shortcomings.

So what does Creative do?

They get pissed and post up a cease and desist order. Guess what? Community backlash ensued. All 230+ pages worth of backlash.

This piece of news doesn’t phase me too much, though. Thanks to the natural progresson of integrated sound solutions and comparable software driven audio solution, the X-Fi XtremeMusic I bought a few years ago is my last Creative card ever. As for their other products? I’m wary of them. I got burned by their Zen Micro (headphone jack problem) a few years ago. In addition, my brother purchased headphones from them and they were not very good either. I haven’t tried their speakers, because I’ve always liked Logitech a lot more.

I guess I won’t miss you, Creative.

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