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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Tax 2008 Edition

I believe I tried to start doing my taxes about a month ago, but procrastination got in the way. Well, the deadline is almost here which means there’s no more time to procrastinate. It’s time to install QuickTax 2008 and get this over with. I wonder how much I will have to pay this year. Hopefully, not much — there’s much I want to spend my precious digital credits on.

Ikaruga was released for the Xbox 360 earlier this week, but since I was in the shmup mood, I booted up a Super Stardust HD on Tuesday night and ripped through it for the first time. I’m not the greatest shmup player and I never even unlocked the last planet before, but during that session: I was in the zone. Cleared the game for the first time! In classic shmup style, the game gave me its congratulations and looped back to the beginning with increased difficulty.

During this weekend, I’m hoping to finally write up my SSBB review. It’s late, but intentionally late. I’m also currently obsessed with unlocking in-game achievements for both Uncharted and SSBB. Both games yield somewhat tangible rewards; so it’s not all for e-penis bragging. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII’s side quests are ludicrous and are keeping me from completing the main storyline. They’re optional side quests, but since they’re so easy to get into: I cannot ignore them.

Speaking of ignore, my Xbox 360 has been sitting there untouched by anyone for a long time. Thanks to Ikaruga demo, I’ll be booting it up this weekend for the first time in about 2 weeks. Taking a look at the release schedule for the Xbox 360 yields very little coming its way until Ninja Gaiden 2 in June. So until then, I guess we’ll be playing random NBA Live 08 games.

P.S – Good luck to Dan Hsu of EGM. He’s decided to leave EGM after 11 years. Another piece of bad news coming from the 1UP network. I sincerely hope these guys can keep the shop afloat amidst all their troubles.

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