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PSN Store Updated. SSHD Addon Released.

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The new PSN Store was released via firmware 2.30 today. Aside from the slow loading of thumbnail images: it’s awesome. It easily trumps its web-based predecessor and it is arguably better than the Xbox Live Marketplace. Bravo, Sony. You got an important piece of the online experience right.

As for DTS HD Master Audio support: cannot test it without the hardware.

In addition, the rumored Super Stardust HD DLC was released along with an update to Super Stardust HD itself. The addon added three new modes, a remix of the original retro soundtrack and a “new planet”. The update, on the otherhand, added “easy” difficulty and subtle improvements to the visuals.

The addon pack was $6.75 and it was more than worth it. I’ve only tried two of the three new modes, but the “Endless” mode validates the purchase price alone. It turns Super Stardust HD into Geometry Wars on a sphere. Enemies storm in from different random locations, difficulty ramps up a lot quicker and the screen is filled with multicolored explosions of pure bliss.

Love it.

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