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3 Screens and an Online Beta

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Another one of these compilation posts? I may just make it a habit. Anyways, Game Informer unofficially (?) released three screens from Gears of War 2. Check them out. One in-game render, one concept drawing, and one burly looking model render.

 gow2_gi1.jpg gow2_gi2.jpg gow2_gi3.jpg

Impressive so far. I like how the first screenshot isn’t all dark and grimey.

As for the online beta, it’s the Metal Gear Online Premiere Beta which I just installed and currently patching. I cannot go online until April 21st, 2008, but we’ve already begun the preloading phase. So far I’m somewhat impressed and perplexed. This beta will not be going through the PlayStation Network and thus I have to create Konami ID and a Game ID. Hopefully, this malarky will only be for the beta, because I want a seamless experience. This is Metal Gear, but c’mon.

On the interesting and geeky front, the MGO has the ability to use Bit Torrent to acquire its patches. I do believe this is the first console game to use BT technology. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

I found it neat.

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