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New TF2 Medic and Gold Rush Details

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Light has been shed. We finally have details on the new medic weapons/abilities and the new Gold Rush map.

First, the medic’s three new weapons/abilities which will be made available once you complete the required achievements:

The Blutsaugher
Achievements Required: 12/36

Description: A new syringe gun which drains health from your opponents with each syringe hit. The drawback is that this weapon will not be able to critical hit.

The Critzcrieg
Achievements Required: 24/36

Description: A new medigun which uses its ubercharge to give the recipient a 100% chance to fire critical hits instead of the standard invulnerability.

The Ubersaw
Achievements Required: 36/36

Description: Bone saw which will convert damage dealt into ubercharge. Four hits will fully charge the ubercharge meter.

By the looks of things, these weapons are going to take some time to unlock by traditional methods. Some of these achievements look like they will need a significant amount of time to get! As for the weapons/abilities themselves? I think the Ubersaw is a tad too powerful. 4 hits to a fully charged ubercharge meter? Seems a little easy, but I guess I will have to see it in practice before passing final judgement.

Gold Rush looks like a great map and these IGN impressions are reassuring to say the least. This new mode reminds me a lot of Wolfenstein’s Enemy Territory multiplayer modes which is a definite plus because I love objective based multiplayer.

All this new content is supposed to be released later this month.

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