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No_Style’s Checkpoint: Registering for MGO Edition


Lots of people are upset over this Metal Gear Online registration. Me? I’m a patient fellow. The page times out, spits out plenty of errors and bores me with its long load times, but I keep on trucking. Gameplay starts in three days and fortunately for me, I finally registered after two days of on and off trying. Konami was terribly annoying when it came to username and password creation though.

 Just check this shit out:

    Your KONAMI ID must be 8-32 characters in length using lower case letters, numbers, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.). 
    Please enter a combination of alphanumeric characters of 8-32 characters in length.
    Your KONAMI ID and password can not be made identical.
    Symbols cannot be used.
  2. GAME ID  
    Your GAME ID must be 8-32 characters in length using lower case letters, numbers, hyphens (-), underscores (_), and periods (.).
    Your GAME ID cannot be the same as your KONAMI ID. 
    Please enter a GAME ID password 4-16 numbers in length. 
    Only number (0-9) can be used as GAME ID password characters. 
    Please don’t use alphabet characters.

User friendliness does not exist in Japan. I sincerely hope this is only for the beta; PSN credentials should be used instead of all this nonsense.

I tried the PlayStation 3 demo of Condemned 2: Bloodshot two nights ago and I could not get into it. It ran and looked fine, but it induced motion sickness. It’s one of those super rare games which produce that kind of sensation for yours truly. I blame the main character’s drunken movements for all the trouble. I think it’s worth a try if you’re bored.

So having finished Crisis Core: FFVII, I’ll be spending some time writing up the review for it. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I like it more than FFVII itself. It’s a weird relationship between the two games because I wouldn’t have enjoyed Crisis Core as much if I didn’t play FFVII first.

As for other gaming? I’m taking it easy since GTAIV is just around the corner. After watching the new “Meet the Scout” clip, I’m tempted to go boot up Team Fortress 2 for the first time in weeks. It’ll give me good practice before the release of the new Goldrush map and medic updates as well. I guess I could also continue playing COD4 and UT3 too.

My PC’s video card is quite “dated” and thus when a incredible $159.99 deal for a GeForce 8800 GT 512MB comes up, I stop and ponder. Do I really want to get a new video card? It would be nice to have for StarCraft 2 and to finally play Crysis TWIMTBP. Alas, the reality is that when the new video card arrives, it would probably sit unopened while I tinker with GTAIV and then MGS4 afterwards. I can always wait for the 9800 GT. lulz

Some of you may have recalled me talking about trying out Buzz! Hollywood and the Buzz! franchise for the first time, but it wasn’t meant to be. Geographical location does not favour me, but if the flash based demo below is any indication of the retail product — it’d make a great party game for movie buffs.

I’d like to leave you with a request: Buy Okami for Wii. I’ve got the PS2 version already and although I absolutely love it, the improvements Ready at Dawn made are tempting me to support its second coming.

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