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The Western Digital VeliciRaptors – Scary Fast

raptor_turok.jpgMy relationship with Western Digital has been shaky at best. Their “mainstream” line and I do not get along at all. Their high end Raptors and I, however have been great. It always impresses me when a new Raptor is released.

The latest release is pretty damn radical. They took a 2.5 inch hard drive, stuck it on a 3.5 inch sized heat sink so it could pass as a 3.5 inch desktop drive. It spins at 10K RPMs, delivers 300 GB of storage space and costs a hefty $300. The dollar per gigabyte ratio may not be great, but, it’s probably the fastest SATA desktop hard drive you can buy.

AnandTech has a preview, but Tech Report did an all out review on it.

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