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Two Sequels and AudioSurf

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Time for another one of them summary posts! 

Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia website has a mysterious logo being consumed by black goo. It probably has something to do with the new Prince of Persia coming. Next month’s issue of Edge Magazine will probably have the scoop. I’ve only played the original and I hear this is a reboot of the franchise and not a dark and bloody sequel.

There will be an Earthworm Jim 4 with accompanying cash-ins. (A movie and TV series). I can picture EWJ 4 as a 3D platformer much like Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank which already incorporates all of the earthworm’s basic moveset in some form or another. Thus, I’ll be very disappointed if this game falls short of the Insomniac’s quality. That’s how high (unfair) expectations works, folks.

And finally, AudioSurf is apparently coming to XBLA. Yay for the folks who cannot play it on PC, but meh for those like me who cannot play it via controller or even keyboard; mouse is the only way to go if they’re doing a mere port. It’s a shame they’re not releasing it for PSN, because motion controls may actually work better for this.

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