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Haze Lookin’ Real.. Shitty.

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[gametrailers 33207]

It’s lookin’ bad. I was going to say “lookin’ Hazy”, but the game doesn’t even deserve a terrible pun. The world looks sterile and clear cut with little to no soul. It’s like Free Radical opened up the book on how to make first person shooters and followed it step by step.

This is the update of the night. Some of the QSF5 crew played Brawl tonight which sidetracked me.

  1. 2g1c
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    this is what has turned me off video games. i’ve never been too hardcore – i know the mainstream games and enjoyed them over the years – but enough with the hype about something then the recreation of the same experience. i remember reading about this game like a year ago “zomg u can use nectar omg kewl” and now watching that video confirmed everything that’s made me not want to get my xbox repaired and watch hours and hours of hockey instead

    also, watching leaked online vids of gta4 are a little depressing and seem to strengthen my point…i’ll probably actually buy this though just so i fit in at work.
    if you want to play an open world gangsta game like gta, pick up saints row so you can at least bust caps while looking like the true gangsta you always thought you were (my guy ended up like kevin federline with cornrows…i should have spent more time in the editor, but when he capped mofos it was nice to see the guy win one for a change) or like a complete buffoon (and get saints row 2, because of da co-op ‘n shiz)

    -im embarassed to say that i’ve become a “rock band – as long as there’s more than 2 people” gamer

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