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MGO Beta Sneaking Mission Impressions


Note: This is a continuation from my MGO beta impressions.

On Monday, the folks at Konami unlocked a bit of content for the Metal Gear Online Beta: Sneaking Mission gameplay mode and the Midtown Maelstrom map. After spending a bit of time with it, here’s some of my thoughts on it.

Let’s start with the new map, Midtown Maelstrom. Would you be surprised if I said it was set in some Middle Eastern setting? Well it is, but it’s different from the other maps offered thus far. A crescent shaped road defines the map’s overall layout with two back alley ways where both sides can brutalize each other. This map is rather flat compared to Gronznyj Grad or Bloodbath, but like I said: it’s different.

The focal point for most folks was the Sneaking Mission mode. If you ever wanted to play Snake vs regular soldiers, this mode makes it happen. It would be completely unfair if it was simply 15 vs Snake and, thankfully, that’s not how it works. Here are the rules taken from the MGO manual:

  • One character plays as Snake, who is equipped with OctoCamo.
  • Snake wins if he collects the specified number of dog tags obtainable by eliminating or knocking out other players.
  • (If 11 or more characters are playing, one character becomes Metal Gear Mk.II and can support Snake.)
  • The other players win by taking down Snake a specified number of times.
  • If the time expires first, the team that has killed more players from the opposing team wins.

Using Snake’s OctoCamo is surprisingly simple and useful. It’s effectiveness depends heavily on the materials he’s mimicking, stance and/or lighting situations. Snake isn’t completely invisible though. Even if his OctoCamo is at 99% camouflage, giveaways such as his breath or movement noise can give his position away. The same goes with Metal Gear MK.II, however this little guy has a more advanced camouflage device which enables him to roam around more easily.

The mode works out well and offers a good sense of variety when it is part of the usual rotation, but its novelty wears off rather quickly when you realize how much patience and/or luck is required to knock out folks and obtain those dog tags. And for the other folks playing with you? They’re simply playing team deathmatch. I’ve also observed that this mode works well on certain maps, but not others. Blood Bath with Sneaking Mission? Good luck, Snake.

Playing as Snake feels great; he’s responsive fast and his abilities are legendary. If it works out well for you and you do manage to win the match with your stealth skills: it’s a total blast. I just feel that it’s a mode which I cannot play exclusively. It was a wise move from Konami to release this content later instead of earlier. I can see a lot of people wanting to be the stealthy old man.

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