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Checkpoint – GTAIV Edition

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Notice anything different with the title? Yeah, it’s not longer “No_Style’s Checkpoint”, because I’m claiming the entire ‘Checkpoint’ thing as my own now. The rest of you QSF5 editors can find your own schtick.

First, I’d like to point out this hot deal for a Pink, Onyx or Polar White Nintendo DS for $99.99 — that’s $30 – $40 off depending on where you’re looking. If you enjoy different kinds of games and aren’t afraid of experimenting with your gaming orientation: pick one up.

GTAIV. What’s there to talk about? Don’t expect a review anytime soon. Do expect a piece inspired by GTAIV, but my review of the game will arrive sometime later. If you’re wondering about Mario Kart Wii’s review, don’t expect me to share my thoughts because I didn’t even bother with it. I was never a fan of the franchise nor do I have the desire enroll. Forge is supposed to be writing something. I think…

I guess I should part with some concrete thoughts about GTAIV. I like it. I like its concepts, its drive and I believe they were close to nailing the idea of “sandbox games without sacrifice”, but from what I’ve seen so far: there’s nothing which convinces me to forget some of glaring faults. I won’t get into it now nor will I voice them in person. Mainly because I don’t wish to spoil other people’s good time by pointing them out.

So, yes. I will be spending a lot of time with GTAIV just like the millions of others who’ve picked up the game. There will be no time for MGO beta-ing, but maybe – maybe – there will be some light TF2. I don’t know if I want to get into the fray and start unlocking achievements for the medic yet. I hate unlocking achievements in multiplayer games. It’s border line game ruining.

P.S – Echochrome came out for both PSN and PS3. It costs $9.99 CAD. I’m definitely buying, but the question is when will I have time to enjoy it? Especially with PixelJunk Monsters Encore expansion pack coming out later this month.

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  1. Vanno
    | Reply

    Ray Ray…You shouldn’t dismiss Mario Kart Wii so easily. The online really brings the enjoyment/frustration level up a notch. Oh so many obscenities aimed at people around the world.

    While the solo is ok, the multiplayer rocks!!

    So says Mr. T.

  2. No_Style
    | Reply

    If GTAIV wasn’t here, I’d give it a shot, but with this elephant of a game here… It’s going to be tough to dedicate time to it. I’m glad to hear the is going well though.

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