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GTAIV Sets Another Record

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Another record was set by GTAIV. This one, however, is quite significant. After a week of sales, Rockstar’s baby raked in $500 million. That’s a lot of millions. Pirates of The Carribean: At World’s End did $404 million and Halo 3 did $310 million. As for copies sold? 6 million units were sold worldwide.

Shit. I was shocked.

Not so shocking was the fact that the Xbox 360 version outsold the PS3 one. Or so Microsoft says. I don’t doubt it.

In addition, the PS3 patch arrived today. It supposedly fixed multiplayer connection issues (I wouldn’t know because I never tried MP) and the single player game freezes a few folks who were experiencing. No news on the Xbox 360 version yet.


Apparently the patch didn’t fix everyone’s freezing issues.

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  1. Forge
    | Reply

    I read today that Sony claims that DLC for PS3 is very likely as well…http://www.shacknews.com/onearticle.x/52567

  2. No_Style
    | Reply

    I don’t know if I need DLC for GTAIV. It needs to add substantial and meaningful DLC. (ie: More Brucie stuff) etc etc… Details are scarce, but I hope it doesn’t turn out to be like Mass Effect sidemissions.

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