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More Doom, More FNR and More Wii Channels

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Surprising. Doom 4? On id Tech 5? I guess I should be excited, but after their last outing, I’m not too sure. Doom 3 was alright, but it was terribly flawed. The space marine sub-genre spawned from Doom, so it’ll be interesting to see why id Software will conjure up. Doom 4 will take place on Earth. As for release date? Since they’ve just begun hiring more people, I doubt the project is very far along. (BTW, where’s Rage?)

Also announced today, was the the fourth iteration of EA’s excellent boxing franchise. Fight Night Round 4 was officially announced via press release. It’s coming in 2009.

Finally, a new channel cropped up for our Nintendo Wii’s this morning. Here’s Nintendo’s blurb about it:

“The Nintendo Channel allows you to search and review the latest product information on software titles for both Wii and Nintendo DS. Additional features allow you to download demos of DS software to your Nintendo DS, and a polling feature will tabulate user opinions, making it easier to search for games that are best suited for you.”

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