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PlayStation Day 2008 (Europe)

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I’ve made significant updates to the post. Lots of new media.

Across the Atlantic in merry old London, Sony held their PlayStation Day press event. What came out of it? Quite a bit.

I’m sure they’ll be plenty of impressions from all the playable games there. In the meantime, here are some bits of media/info:

Mirror’s Edge

  • Trailer
  • It’s from DICE and it looks very fresh. I’m all for it. Unlike another ‘Bad Company’ game made from them.

Resistance 2 (November 2008)

Killzone 2 (February 2009)

LittleBigPlanet (October 2008)

Motorstorm Pacific Rift (Late 2008?)

Haze (May 2008?)

  • Demo on PSN EU Store. Will try later with impressions.

There was focus on community building features, downloadable content and user generated content for both SingStar and Buzz. I’m sure it’s welcoming for fans of the series. Especially, for Buzz fans since they will be given the ability to create their own questions for the game.

They also pimped out a handful of services/add ons for the PSP which can be found on GoPSPGo. Neat. Oh, and the PSN service video.

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