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Gears of War 2 Gameplay Video

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It’s official. It’s out. It looks awesome.

Bigger. Better. More badass indeed.”

I like how much of a statement this game is making.

A.) It’s proving that Unreal Engine 3.0 can do outdoor environments.

B.) It’s proving that Epic can move away from the emo color palette.

Favourite part? When he grabbed that downed Locust and used it as a shield. Chainsaw dueling is ridiculously awesome, though. Now if we can navigate through huge battlefields like that while on foot (not on a predetermined path)– I’d be very impressed. Oh, did I mention how impressed I was with the framerate and lack of screen tearing? Good job, Epic.

November cannot come soon enough.


In addition, you can grab some stills for your own careful analysis. If you’re lazy, you can also watch 1UP’s analysis.

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  1. 4ftermath
    | Reply

    Ha, I like it:

    “And there you have it! Bigger, Better and more Badass indeed! … Exclusively on Xbox360!”

  2. spinfactor
    | Reply

    Oh yea I like it very much indeed. My kids like it more than I do. Between this and COD4 who has time for any thing else…lol…thanks for sharing

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