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MGS4 Marketing Campaign

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Halo 3’s marketing campaign was a bit absurd, but when you sit it next to the likes of Metal Gear Solid 4’s I would consider it tame. Montain Dew has nothing on this. GameSpot dives into even greater detail.

iPods, Japanese models, T-shirts and other gimmicks were announced to celebrate this launch. As if MGS4 wasn’t a big deal enough, Konami is going out of their way to make it even bigger — especiallly in Japan. And remember that Assassin’s Solid video? Well, with the blessing of Ubisoft, Snake can strut around wearing Altair’s gear.

Check out the theatrical trailer. Hilarious if its a parody, but sad if its not. Knowing Kojima, it’s probably just fun and games.

P.S – I know about the first 10 minutes of Metal Gear Solid 4 video. I’m not touching that. It must be a surprise.

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